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We have 25 years of experience in providing reliable and high-quality heating, ventilating, air-and conditioning solutions. We Design, Plan and Execute complete HVAC Projects. Also as the leader in HVAC service, we offer a full suite of installation, maintenance and repair services.

HVAC Services: Service Overview

Avonaire Solutions is one of the leading HVAC Companies in India. Our specialists have designed HVAC systems for various residential and industrial buildings, factories, pharmaceuticals companies, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and shopping centers.

HVAC system operates on three main principles – Heating, Air Conditioning & Ventilation. HVAC System conditions the air in the area occupied by the facility, ventilates the air by diluting and separating harmful contaminants present inside the facility. When all these three principles operates together, it creates a complete purified air conditioning environment. When an HVAC system is installed, it dispenses natural ventilation, decreases exposure to air-born biological threats and modulate the temperature according to weather conditions to make the inhabitants comfortable.



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