Ceiling Cassette

Ceiling Cassette

    Mitsubishi Electric Inverter series are the perfect answer to today’s cooling needs. Its Wide-angle outlets distribute air flow to all comers of the room, ensuring the room is sufficiently cooled. Horizontal airflow and a fan speed reduced by 20 percent compared to conventional models also contribute to increased comfort for occupants.

  • PLA-RP Series
    A complete line-up including deluxe units that offer added energy savings. The incorporation of wide air-outlet and the 3D i-see Sensor enhances airflow distribution control, achieving an enhanced level of comfort throughout the room. The synergy of higher energy efficiency and more comfortable room environment results in the optimum user satisfaction

  • PL-P Series
    A sophisticated design that matches a variety of rooms and a high level of convenience enhancing your quality of life are combined in this compact, multifunctional indoor unit. The high-power ceiling cassettes offer a wide-flow air outlet that enables effective air conditioning of rooms with atrium ceilings up to 4.5m in height.


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